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Hi There!

Do you see yourself as a purpose-driven, wild at heart achievers, who want to find meaningful work and leave your mark in the world? Good News! You already have what it takes to have a blissful career that wakes you up every morning! You just need more Clarity, Confidence and Laser-Focused Actions to get there.

Let's Begin: Where Are You Now?

I’m Currently Job-Hunting, and Want to Know How to Win the Game.

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You Need Job Winning Skills

I’m Feeling Lost and Confused. I Want to Find My Career Purpose and Direction.


You Need Clarity

I Want to be Taken Seriously at Work, and Take My Career to the Next Level.

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You Need Presence + Personal Power

Hi, I'm Ponny, Your Career Confidence Coach.

I help young, ambitious yet lost individuals like YOU to reclaim your superpowers and create careers you love.

By sharing inspirations, resources and tools to empower you to be the best of what you are capable of, you can express your purposes and shine your light through your careers.

Ultimately, you can be your own Career Coach.

Can You Relate?

"I'm always a go-getter, yet I'm looking for that missing piece that really fires me up."
"I don't understand why even being so accomplished to the social standards, I'm still not happy at work."
" I'm tired of feeling stuck in unfitted roles, yet numbing myself every day with the illusion of job security."
" I crave for more possibilities, freedom and creativity to express myself fully in what I do."

Every morning when you wake up, you are blessed with a new beginning to live the life you want. Our career occupies at least 50% of our waking hours in any given week for 30+ years; how can we be truly happy if our work doesn't make our hearts sing?

Trust me, I've been there too.

My Mission:

To fill the gap where traditional education fails to prepare us for managing our careers.

With the individual-centric approach to career management, I empower individuals with the autonomy and flexibility in making one's career planning and decisions in alignment with their values and life preferences.

The Solutions

Through my personal experiments with my own careers, I figure out a systematic way to "style" a career that fits the unique combination of your talents, passions, values and ambitions. Whether you need more skills, clarity or confidence to move your career forward, I'll show you how to achieve them step-by-step. All I need is your dedication of consistent effort, and a growth mindset.

Praise from Happy Clients

  • “3 years ago I graduated with a language degree, having absolutely no idea what should I do with my life. I have already “tried” 5 jobs, but still, I haven’t found THE vocation for me. Thank god I met Ponny – her warm, encouraging and practical guidance brought me so much clarity and insights! Plus, she gave me so much confidence that I now believe I can do it too! I’m now clear and determined to be a successful Social Media Marketer. Thank you so much Ponny!!! xoxo”
    Amelia Jackson - 25, English & Chinese Bilingual Major
  • “This [Job Interview Handbook for Graduates] book is a brilliantly holistic guide to not only feeling comfortable and prepared in any interview situation, but also in opening your eyes to what the real purpose is behind a well-structured interview. This book gives a peek at the process of dominating any interview, and what goes on behind the scenes in order to give yourself the best possible chance of standing out from the crowd and getting any occupation you set your heart to! Easy to follow and a well thought out read, a must for anyone who has just finished university or is currently in the job market.”
    D.Chittenden - Reader of the Book -'Job Interview Handbook for Graduates'
  • “This e-Course is very comprehensive and useful. Most importantly, her techniques WORK. I went from no interviews at all to getting 4 offers from renowned multinational companies in less than 2 months. This course should be made mandatory for all final-year students in universities. Highly Recommended!”
    Steven L. - Took the Course 'Job Interview Mastery'

If Someone Can Do It, So Can You.

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