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First, Discover Your Career Purpose.

Learn How to Find Yourself
a Fulfilling Career With
This 12-Question Quiz.

Hello There, Welcome To My World!

Chances Are, If You Are Reading This, You Could Be Quite Unhappy At Work. Let's Have A Quick Diagnosis - Do You Have These 7 Signs?

You Always Dread Waking Up in the Morning

You Spend Sunday Nights Worrying About The Coming Work Week

You're Actually Beginning to Feel Physically Sick From Stress

You've Stop Caring About Anything At Work

You Loathe Your Boss

You've Daydreamed about Being Trapped in an Elevator So You Can Officially Skip Work

You Feel Crappy And Grumpy All The Time

If you ticked > 4 statements above, it's time to break free and change your life!


Ponny SH Lam

Purpose Coach & Career Strategist

Hi, I'm Ponny.

I help creative, empathetic and growth-oriented women change careers with grace, so they can reconnect with their deepest truth, and create massive values to the world while enjoying their work, family and life.

Activating quick breakthrough is my forte with my unique blend of practical strategies, soul alignment, body-mind integration and personal warmth 🙂

How I Can Help

When you feel stuck, you need a guide who's been where you are to show you the way.

Having worked with 450+ individuals one-on-one on their career development, and my personal career experimentation, I have developed a holistic system that is practical, strategic and soulful to help you create a career that fits the unique combination of your talents, passions, values, ambitions and lifestyle.

I'll show you how to move your career forward step-by-step with confidence. All I need is your dedication to make a consistent effort, along with a growth mindset.

Your First Step to Career Freedom Starts Here.

Praise from Happy Clients

  • “Take a look at Ponny’s Programme if you want to find your true life purpose! I took the Uncover The New You group programme and I found it useful in clarifying what skills I have, what my superpowers are and what my mission in life is! Most importantly I realised I can make some small changes at work to start the transformation to my future self! You really get the chance to explore yourself creatively! By the way, there is no need to be creative in the conventional sense, this is about exploring things inside and outside of your normal frame of reference. It ‘s interesting to do this! Give it a try! I enjoyed it and learnt a lot and I’d already done other courses before this to develop my understanding in this area.”
    Amanda Gore - Mid-Life Career Changer, UK

  • “3 years ago I graduated with a language degree, having absolutely no idea what should I do with my life. I have already “tried” 5 jobs, but still, I haven’t found THE vocation for me. Thank god I met Ponny – her warm, encouraging and practical guidance brought me so much clarity and insights! Plus, she gave me so much confidence that I now believe I can do it too! I’m now clear and determined to be a successful Social Media Marketer. Thank you so much Ponny!!! xoxo”
    Amelia Jackson - 25, English & Chinese Bilingual Major
  • This [First Job Bible] book is a brilliantly holistic guide to not only feeling comfortable and prepared in any interview situation, but also in opening your eyes to what the real purpose is behind a well-structured interview. This book gives a peek at the process of dominating any interview, and what goes on behind the scenes in order to give yourself the best possible chance of standing out from the crowd and getting any occupation you set your heart to! Easy to follow and a well thought out read, a must for anyone who has just finished university or is currently in the job market.”
    D.Chittenden - Reader of the Book -'First Job Bible'
  • “This e-Course is very comprehensive and useful. Most importantly, her techniques WORK. I went from no interviews at all to getting 4 offers from renowned multinational companies in less than 2 months. This course should be made mandatory for all final-year students in universities. Highly Recommended!”
    Steven L. - Took the Course 'Job Interview Mastery'

If Someone Else Can Do It, So Can You.

Let's Begin: Where Are You Now?



I'm Feeling Lost and Confused. I Want to Find My Purpose and Direction.

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I'm Currently Job-Hunting, and Want to Know How to Win the Game.

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I Want to Be Taken Seriously at Work, and Take My Career to the Next Level.

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