“So, What Do You Do?”

A good-looking new friend asks you this question at a party.

You cringe. There is a sinking feeling inside you, and you secretly wish you could escape this awkward moment.

You are NOT proud of what you do for a living, although you might appear to be “successful” on the outside.

But having a fulfilling career is about more than money and status.

Something crucial is missing. HAPPINESS.

Yet, you have been stuck in this decision-making phase for months (maybe years), and you are still not getting anywhere.

Thanks to your exceptional analytical skills, your left and right brain debate, Should I quit, or not quit? This only makes you feel more overwhelmed about that dreadful decision.

Is This You?

Ponny Lam Career Purpose Coach
I definitely feel you. Because I was once EXACTLY where you are for five entire years in my 20s.

Hi! My Name Is Ponny.

My life’s mission to empower creative and purpose-driven women like you in changing careers with grace, so you can reconnect with your deepest truth, and create massive values to the world while enjoying your work and life holistically.

Because in my own career journey, I’VE TRIED EVERYTHING. And I want to lighten that burden on you.

I’ve been in seemingly successful jobs where I travelled internationally and had a corner office on the 60th floor where I could watch the firework light show at the Victoria Harbour every night at 8pm. Yet every morning, I dreaded taking my depleted body to work. I felt like a zombie as my soul died bit by bit, every single day.

I’ve changed professions and experimented with jobs I thought would be a better fit. I’ve even organised a service trip to India and Nepal to see if working for a non-profit was my thing.

So I did all the logical things, but that lightning-strike AHA moment of  “Oh I finally FOUND MY SOUL PURPOSE!!!” never comes.

What If You Can Define & Live Your Own Version of Career Success?

After all those years of soul-searching and purpose seeking, I had a realisation.

I found that regardless of how much I want to have a say in how I live my life, making important life decisions have always been very nerve-wracking.

You see, most people are leaving school with absolutely no idea how to choose or create a career that will make them happy. Our existing education system was established in the industrial revolution almost 200 years ago to train factory workers who follow instructions.

Even for the more rebellious, fierce souls among us who resist following the flock and complying with the authorities (parents, teachers, bosses, social expectations etc), we are UNTRAINED in making life decisions.

What’s more, most career change advice out there focuses purely on STRATEGIES and TACTICS.

And that’s why most people fail in their early attempts at making a career change.

The Missing Piece?

The complex, deep-rooted psychological attachment we assign unconsciously to our career, identity, confidence, life satisfaction, money and purpose makes every career decisions soooo overwhelming that you want to pull your hair out!

Eventually, you’ll discover that being unhappy at work is just the tip of an iceberg that gets in the way of your overall happiness in life. But once you can untangle your thoughts and emotions layer by layer, things will start to fall into place.

Yet, this process can be frustratingly lonely and slow if you are on this journey by yourself.


That was what brought me to career coaching in 2013.

With AI and technology getting more powerful, the future of work is going to liberate us from the boring, repetitive and compliant tasks, and empower every human to reconnect with our heart’s desires to create, construct and collaborate for a better future for humanity.

To create a life on our terms, it is essential for us to feel solid and grounded in who we truly are and why we do what we do – in knowing where we are now and where we want to go – that we can fully, unapologetically embrace our truth.

As my coaching has evolved from those 450+ sessions, I’ve developed an effective and soulful method to help you gain a crystal clear sense of purpose, with hands-on strategies to support you as you navigate a new path in your career journey.

My Approach


As a Purpose Coach & Career Strategist, I have been personally guiding career changers from all over the world, through the powerful journey of self-discovery and career transformation.

Activating quick breakthrough is my forte with my unique blend of practical career strategies, soulful guidance, positive psychology, body-mind integration and personal warmth 🙂

My coaching is not about fixing you or your career, but about remembering that you already know what you want in life, and that you have what it takes to get it. Our journey is just about peeling back all of the layers that are blocking you, and adding fuel to help you achieve your dream faster.

Some of My Credentials:

  • Spent a decade in corporate recruitment, training and career counselling.
  • Certified Practioner of NLP Coaching (American Board of NLP) and Positive Psychology Coaching (Wholebeing Institute)
  • Online Educator of career development courses with 5800+ students from 122 countries
  • Author of “First Job Bible: Strategies and Answers to Top Job Interview Questions”

Love From Clients:

Some Fun Facts...

As a proud multi-passionate gal, it wouldn’t have been a surprise to see me obsess over several topics and launch projects across numerous disciplines at the same time.

Being a learning junkie, I also dived deep into all sorts of soul-searching methodologies, from self-help books, courses and seminars by spiritual gurus, to tons of personality profiling and quizzes (eventually I managed to develop one myself), in order to unwrap the answers to the biggest life questions of “Who am I?” and “What should I do with my life?”.

These are some of the career experiments and detours that I’ve been through:

  • Had a decade-long career in Recruitment, Training & Development, and in Career-Advising, in a listed company and in higher education, respectively.
  • Organised a month-long volunteering trip to India and Nepal with 8 total strangers from Malaysia, Taiwan and Hong Kong who met online. Since then, I’ve led overseas trips for students (100+ in group size) every summer in my university job.
  • Enrolled in a Master program in Counselling, didn’t feel aligned with the methodologies and dropped out.
  • Trained as a Colour Styling & Image Consultant, only to learn afterwards that I was not really that into fashion.
  • Followed my childhood passion for Holistic Health and studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, I gained a Professional Certification in TCM Wellness, and now advise friends and families quite often on improving their suboptimal health status.



Now It's Your Turn!

The world does not need us to be robots anymore.

Instead of floating around like dandelions based on other people’s opinions, it is time to free yourself from the “path” that society told you to take!

Every pivot in life is a transformational process – you have to shed old skins to grow into the bigger, better YOU that is waiting to emerge.

I know you are ready, because if not now, when?