Career Manifesto and Career Blissfulness Indicator

Career Manifesto

Career Manifesto

This Career Manifesto represents what I believe in and what I stand for:

  1. You are here on earth to serve a greater purpose.
  2. The world needs you desperately to shine your best light through that only you have.
  3. You already have what it takes to succeed on your own terms – I’m just here to remind you that fact.
  4. The moment of Career Blissfulness begins when you take back the ownership of your career.
  5. Career Self-Coaching is a collection of skills everyone can learn and get good at with proper training.
  6. Living a life with purpose allows you to express your authentic voice so you can sing your soul.
  7. Career Purpose is a fluid concept, and it’s human nature to aspire to something greater continuously. No one is destined to be in some occupations. It is a conscious choice of free will.
  8. The most beautiful thing about achieving your dreams is who you have become in the process.
  9. There is no failure. Only feedback.
  10. When you know the brilliance your have, and stay true to nurture them in ways to contribute to others, we can be our happiest.
  11. in your day to day life, Your thoughts and your language will become things, so choose them wisely.
  12. It’s your life, so make every moment matters for your own sake.
  13. The new definition of a billionaire is not by how much dollars you made, but how many people you have influenced.
  14. I have faith in humanity in doing good and helping each other thrive.
  15. There must be a better way. Always.
  16. Success is the accumulation of the baby steps you’ve taken towards the direction of your dreams.
  17. Wonderful things are worth the wait.
  18. Embrace a growth mindset. Everything is figure-out-able.
  19. Whatever you do, promise me you will give it ALL IN.
  20. Life is an experiment. Try, Experience, Adjust, and Try again.

Career Blissfulness Indicator

Having a fulfilling career is more complex than just “following your passion”.

Inspired by The Six Human Needs by Tony Robbins, I have discovered that for one’s career to be rewarding, these 6 key emotional needs have to be met.

I call it the Career Blissfulness Indicator:

Career Blissfulness Indicator

Feeling Safe

I have colleagues and leaders whom I can trust, a work environment where I can be safe in, and a culture that is inclusive and allows me to contribute and communicate with ease. I have confidence in the continuity of my job here.

Feeling Intrigued

I love what I do. It’s my passion and I constantly feel fascinated. I can easily enter the flow state and get immersed in my work. I have a strong curiosity to continue to learn more.

Feeling Respected & Entrusted

I am rewarded fairly in financial, emotional and social terms. The culture allows me to express my opinions and they take them seriously. My contributions are acknowledged and appreciated by the team, the organisation and the community. I feel I matter at work.

Feeling Competent

I can utilise my strengths to make things better and help others. I can see the connections between my efforts and the impact I make which aligns with my personal values. I gain a sense of achievement and self-mastery through my work. I have adequate freedom and space to decide how I do what I do.

Feeling Connected

To the people: I communicate well with the people I work with and work for, and I identify myself as part of the tribe;

To a purpose: I am committed to a mission that is larger than myself; I make an impact that is important and meaningful to me.

Feeling of Growth and Expansion

I am constantly learning, growing and taking on new challenges. I am getting better, wiser, and more powerful as time goes.