One Time Break-Free Session

Are You Finally Ready To Step Forward, But Unsure How?

Maybe you are torn between a difficult decision – should I take the safe path, or should I just leap?

Maybe you’ve been stuck in this analysis-paralysis for quite some while, bouncing back and forth like a Rumbo robot vacuum and getting nowhere. 

If you are struggling with a Career Dilemma and cannot decide what should you do next, 



Hi! I’m Ponny.

As a Purpose Coach and Career Strategist. I help creative and purpose-driven women change careers with grace, so they can reconnect with their deepest truth, and create massive values to the world while enjoying their work and life holistically.

Known for my holistic practical + soulful approach, my forte is to help you activate QUICK breakthroughs with my unique blend of grounded strategies, soul alignment, body-mind integration and my personal warmth.

You already know what you want in life – and have what it takes to get it! Our journey is just about uncovering all the gems you have, removing all the dirt that is distracting your vision, and adding fuel to your tank so you can build a career and life your love faster!

Break Free Strategy Session

US$ 108 / One Time

In this 75-minute session, I’ll work with you 1:1 to help you:

  • Analyse Your Options Ahead From a Career Advising Perspective

  • Identify What EXACTLY Is Holding Your Back, And Untangle It Layer By Layer

  • Get CRYSTAL CLEAR on What You Value The Most, And What You Truly Desire For

  • Help You RECONNECT With Your Inner Wisdom

  • Advise On Your Next STEPS To Get You Out of The Rut

  • Ideal for those who feel stuck in a career dilemma and need help to figure the way out!