Total Self Renewal On Confidence, Personal Power, Authenticity

Picture The Version of You Who Lives Fearlessly True To Your Core Essence...
How Does It Make You Feel?

Yes! I Want This!

When You Step Fully Into Your Personal Power, You'll Be Able To:

  • Take back your happiness – instead of focusing on making others happy to win their love and attention, you are certain of your inborn value and assume to be respected as you are;
  • Decide what is right and not right for you, because you can access your inner wisdom, instead of depending on advice from another person;
  • Stand strong no matter how adverse the circumstances or people are because no one can define your value but you;
  • Communicate your truth in a firm and graceful manner;
  • Maintain healthy boundaries with your loved ones and other people in your life;
  • Be confident and certain in your ability to handle whatever happens even in times of uncertainty;
  • Be comfortable in a negotiation or confrontation and intended to seek a win-win solution;
  • Be self-assured but not complacent; humble and open to new ideas but not obsessed with learning itself;
  • Be grounded, calm and always intentional throughout your day instead of living on autopilot.
Ponny Lam Career Purpose Coach

Hi! I’m Ponny.

As a Purpose Coach & Career Strategist, I help ambitious and purpose-driven women like you reconnect with your deepest truth and power, so you can radiate and leverage your potentials to illuminate the path for so many others.

Have you wondered: Wouldn’t it be nice if there is a Magic Wand and swoosh – you become a totally new person the next morning?

Well, not quite, but pretty close; Activating quick breakthrough is my forte, and with my unique blend of practical strategies, soul alignment, body-mind integration and personal warmth, I’ll become the PERSONAL TRAINER OF YOUR CONFIDENCE MUSCLES.

Stand Tall. Back Straight. Chin Up! Are You In?

It’s Time To Shine Your Light And Radiate Your Brilliance To The Fullest!

In The Coming 4 Months Where We Work Closely Together, I'm Committed To Help You Develop:

Radiating Confidence To Set Your Voice Free

Together we’ll break the chains that have been holding you back, and help you build the confidence muscles in speaking up, so that you can find your authentic voice, and express who you truly are with grace.

The Strength & Resilience To Get Over the Hump

I teach you how to fish. Eventually, I want you to be able to stand on your own feet.  So we’ll predict where you’ll encounter internal and external roadblocks, and map out strategies to either remove them, or simply get around them.

Burning Desires & Passion In Life

Like an alchemist, you can turn your biggest life struggles into your biggest power and fuel so you can bring change to the world. Deep inner work + mindset tuning.

A Soul-Aligned Action Plan

We’ll define a big-picture goal map, then trace backwards to develop an actionable target for every session, with an accountability system built in place.

Total Trust In Yourself

Earlier in life, we surrendered our personal power to someone else because we thought we were not good enough. But it’s time to take back your power, and have trust in yourself that no matter what happens, you can figure it out. That’s the ultimate goal in order to liberate your life to truly live on your terms.

Personal Branding And Styling Advice

As an Image Stylist, I’ll guide you on how to put together a wardrobe that reflects the beauty in you.

Reclaiming Your Personal Power Program

US$ 1600 / Full Pay or 4-Part Payment @408

  • Intensive 16 x Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • A Personalised Curriculum in Bridging Where You Are At The Moment, And Where You Want To Be

  • Dig Out All The Crap You’ve Been Accumulating Over The Years Inside Your Head, And Declutter Once And For All

  • Installing New, Empowering Beliefs To Help You Embody Your Best Version of Self Unapologetically

  • Implementation-Focused, I’ll Make Sure You Get Done What You Say You Will Do!

  • Access To A Library of Strategies + Tools That I Designed Based On Your Specific Needs

  • Unlimited Support through Messenger or Email (Responding within 24 hours)

  • 1 x Emergency Call to get you through an urgent personal matter