Praises From Clients


Before working with Ponny I was completely lost on how to deal with multiple career situations in my life. I was unable to see any positivity in my situations. Ponny really brought clarity and light to what I needed. She showed me how to own my personal power and use it to get what I deserved. She showed and explained to me how to hold my own confidence. Ponny has truly changed my life. She has been patient, understanding and devoted to my success. She has changed my life for the better! I am forever grateful for working her and all the guidance she has gifted me. I would recommend anyone to work with Ponny, a true game changer. Her energy is wonderful, positive and bright!

Laura Runkle, USA,

Ponny is a total game-changer!!! She is the wisest and the most compassionate and resourceful women I've ever met and I'm really grateful to have met her in my darkest moment in life. Her work is brilliant and I got a new job offer with a 20% pay raise within 6 weeks with just her FREE tips! And since then I'm her most dedicated coaching client! I now own my music education centre and honestly, I might not make it happen without her genuine and generous support!!! I cannot recommend her enough if you are looking for a career that makes you happy and can pay your bills!

Jane Ting, HK,

Take a look at Ponny's work if you want to find your true life purpose! I took her Uncover The New You group programme and I found it useful in clarifying what skills I have, what my superpowers are and what my mission in life is! Most importantly I realised I can make some small changes at work to start the transformation to my future self! You really get the chance to explore yourself creatively! By the way, there is no need to be creative in the conventional sense, this is about exploring things inside and outside of your normal frame of reference. It 's interesting to do this! Give it a try! I enjoyed it and learnt a lot and I'd already done other courses before this to develop my understanding in this area.

Amanda, UK,

There is something magical about Ponny - she always asks very perceptive questions that get to the core of the problem!!!

Claudia, UK,

I love how insightful Ponny is - felt like the fog above my head vanished every time I had a coaching conversation with her!

Kim, USA,

Your method is very immersive and I've gained a lot of insights working with you. Thank you!

Bres, Germany,