Presence, Influence and Personal Power

Shine Your Light
And Get Recognised

It's Time For You To Be Seen

"Keep your head down and your mouth shut, work hard, be nice, and you'll be rewarded." This is how schools train us to "behave" when we were naive and powerless. However, we've grown so much, and this strategy seldom gets us anywhere in the professional world. The world does not need you to be a robot. What a waste it would be if you are not expressing all your gifts! Time to get back our Personal Power, Presence and Confidence!

P.S. Watch this TED talk by Kathy Caprino – Time to Brave Up

Your Voice Does Matter

First, you have to recognise that you indeed have a voice. Start to become more aware of what you say and how to say it. Practise your voicing muscles by singing, speeches, personal stories or simply let your opinions be heard at the next work meeting. Your voice is becoming more powerful the more you use it to develop a deeper connection with yourself and others. You'll soon recognise that conversations can change lives.

P.S. I highly recommend you to read “Louder Than Words” by Todd Henry. Click here to check it out.

What Is Presence?

I'll define it with 5Cs: Confidence + Composure + Creditability + Charisma + Connection.
When you have presence, you radiate with confidence, you express with internal alignment, and you communicate with a clear intention to positively influence others from a place of authenticity. You are simply magnetic by being your best self.

Express Who You Are Through Your Style

Authenticity means you are true to your values and characters in your various ways of self-expression. How your dress then, of course, is part of the equation. Moreover, taking good care of yourself is a proof of confidence that you take things in life seriously, because how you do anything is always a reflection of how you do Everything. Let your personality radiates through your clothing choices.

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