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Job Winning is A Skill You Can Learn And Master!

Are you fed up with sending tons of job applications to the “Internet blackhole”, waiting desperately for a call, preparing for your best at interviews, and yet still haven’t get the job offer?

It’s NOT your fault. No one has taught you how to effectively position yourself as the BEST candidate.

Job Winning is a LIFE SKILL that you’ll need throughout your working lives.

The earlier you master it, the more you can benefit from it 🙂

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Having been a recruiter and career advisor for the last decade, I deeply understand the hopes and fears of both the hiring managers and the job seekers. My holistic understanding of both worlds empowers me in creating extremely potent and effective job hunt training to help you achieve your career goals.

Feeling overwhelming in creating your resumes?

Not sure how to strategize your job search?

Wondering how to handle the toughest interview questions?


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Kickstart Your Career Change - From Stuck To Freedom

Get Out of Your Own Way For Your Next Big Move

Have you been thinking about quitting your job, or even career for months (years), but still feeling stuck at where you are? Deep down you know you are meant for more: more impact, more meaning, more passionate in the process, and better rewards from your hard work.

However, theses thoughts occupy your mind:

What if I would end up on the street?

What if the grass is not greener?

What if I cannot make it?

What if I finally make it and find out this is not what I truly want?!

In this short course, I’m going to help you tackle all these fears and worries, so that you can stop getting in your own way, and start taking massive inspired actions towards your career next step!

Target Students:
For Experienced Job Seekers and Young Professionals

Skyrocket Your Confidence & Sucess In Your Job Hunting Game!

The Ultimate Job Hunt Skills Training: How To Get Hired?

Are you one of the hardworking job seekers who diligently study the job boards, prepare your CVs and cover letters, sending out 100+ job applications and hoping to hear from recruiters, only to feel more frustrated and disappointed as times goes by?

Accelerate Your Job Search Confidence AND Success by learning how to increase your confidence during job interviews using Brain Power, NLP, Positive Psychology & HR Strategies.

30+ Lectures of 6 hours worth of video training, plus numerous templates, cheat sheets and audio tracks to support your learning, at your own pace.

Lifetime Access. 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee. Content updated Every Quarter.

Target Students:
For Experienced Job Seekers and Young Professionals

Graduate Job Hunt Crush Course

All heroes start somewhere.

I know how frustrating it could be in finding your first job to leave your mark on the world.

This Job Hunt Crush Course For Graduates aims to give you a quick overview of the key steps you need to take in launching your first career right after college.

Job Winning is a skill everyone can learn and master!

Within this ~2 hours, you’ll grasp all the major concepts on How To Win the Job Hunt Game. Having this understanding will allow you to save tons of time & frustrations in learning through trials and errors in the job market.

Lifetime Access. 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee. Content updated Every Quarter.

[ Kindle eBook ]


First Job Bible: Strategies and Answers to Top Job Interview Questions

Ranked #1 in Amazon Kindle Store “Careers > Job Hunting” Category! (16-19 Apr 2017)

In this short and condensed eBook, I’ll teach you how to handle job interviews questions tactfully yet authentically. You’ll learn:

  1. How to Hack the Recruiters’ Mind
  2. How to Tackle Different Types of Interview Questions Using the Career Storybank Method
  3. Exact Scripts of Sample Answers to Top 25 Job Interview Questions
  4. Confidence Mind Tricks To Overcome Anxiety on the Interview Day
  5. What to Ask the Employers? 3 Key Strategies to Impress Them Further
  6. How to Handle “Crisis” During Job Interviews e.g. your mind suddenly goes blank.

Get it Now at $5.99 Only!

[Professional Resume Writing Services ]

Job Hunt Strategy + Resume Polish Service

Need help with bringing out the best of you in the eyes of Employers?

Work with me one-on-one and I’ll help you shine your light in the job hunt!

  • 1 X Strategy Session To Define Your Key Skills, And Map Out The Best Job Hunt Formulas
  • 1 X Mock Job Interview Practice + Advice On Interview Preparation
  • Resume + Cover Letter Repackaging Tailored For You & Your Ideal Position (1 Revision)
  • 30-Day Email/Messenger Support On Job Search, Interview Preparation, and Salary Negotiation (Responding within 24 hours)

[ Praise from Happy Clients ]

  • “3 years ago I graduated with a language degree, having absolutely no idea what should I do with my life. I have already “tried” 5 jobs, but still, I haven’t found THE vocation for me. Thank god I met Ponny – her warm, encouraging and practical guidance brought me so much clarity and insights! Plus, she gave me so much confidence that I now believe I can do it too! I’m now clear and determined to be a successful Social Media Marketer. Thank you so much Ponny!!! xoxo”
    Amelia Jackson - 25, English & Chinese Bilingual Major
  • “This [First Job Bible] book is a brilliantly holistic guide to not only feeling comfortable and prepared in any interview situation, but also in opening your eyes to what the real purpose is behind a well-structured interview. This book gives a peek at the process of dominating any interview, and what goes on behind the scenes in order to give yourself the best possible chance of standing out from the crowd and getting any occupation you set your heart to! Easy to follow and a well thought out read, a must for anyone who has just finished university or is currently in the job market.”
    D.Chittenden - Reader of the Book -'First Job Bible'
  • “This e-Course is very comprehensive and useful. Most importantly, her techniques WORK. I went from no interviews at all to getting 4 offers from renowned multinational companies in less than 2 months. This course should be made mandatory for all final-year students in universities. Highly Recommended!”
    Steven L. - Took the Course 'Job Interview Mastery'

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Sample Answers: Top 15 Interview Questions for Graduates (PDF)

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