Work With Ponny

Work With Ponny


Ready To Step Into Your Full Power?

If So, Please Step Forward,
And Let Me Support You In CO-CREATING A Better Future!

Yes, Ponny! I'm Ready To...

Take Off!

Breakthrough Strategy Session

One Session / 75 Minutes

  • Ideal for those who feel deeply stuck in a career dilemma and need help to figure the way out

  • 1 X 75-Minute 1:1 Strategy Session
  • DIAGNOSE what EXACTLY is holding your back – Pinpointing the root cause that throws your life off
  • Gain CLARITY on what you truly desire for
  • Help you RECONNECT with your inner wisdom
  • Advise on your next STEPS to get you out of the rut

Get Hired!

Job Hunt Strategy Mapping

2+1 Sessions / 45-Day Support

  • Ideal if you have a clear goal of your next position and need strategic help to achieve it

  • 2 X 1:1 Strategy Sessions to map out the best job hunt formulas and interview preparation
  • 1 X Mock Job Interview Practice (20 mins) + Feedback
  • Resume + Cover Letter Repackaging (2 Versions)
  • Free Access To My Job Search Resource Library
  • 45-day email/messenger support on job search, interview preparation, and salary negotiation

Power Up!

Personal Power Coaching

Empowerment Sessions / Quarter

  • Ideal for those who are ready to step up and own your voice and personal power!

  • 6 or 12 1:1 Coaching Sessions Every Quarter
  • Personalised Coaching Curriculum Just For You
  • Tailored Strategies + Tools To Renew You on Your Mindset, Physiology and Overall Confidence
  • Strong Accountability and Implementation-Focused, I’ll Give You The Tough Love You’ll Need To Rising
  • Consistent, Simple But Impactful Daily Actions
  • Embodying Your New Identity As A Powerful, Courageous Women


Career Reboot Intensive

12 Weekly Sessions / 3 Months

  • Ideal if you are making a career change into a different arena, and need step-by-step strategic guidance for a smooth transition.

  • 12 X Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions
  • Tailored Pivot Plan + Personal Rebranding Strategies Designed Just For You
  • Dedicated Guidance To Lead Your Through The Muddy Transition
  • Assignments Each Week To Strengthen Your Skills, Mindset, Confidence And Motivation
  • Unlimited Email Support On Job Hunt, Interview Preparation & Package Negotiation

-All Prices In US Dollars-

Love From Past Clients

Ponny's Approach

Hi, I’m Ponny, a Purpose Coach and Career Strategist. I help empathetic and growth-oriented women break-free from their career dilemma, so they can step into their power, and create massive values to the world while enjoying their work, family and life.

Known for my holistically practical + soulful approach, my forte is to help you activate QUICK breakthroughs with my unique blend of grounded strategies, empathetic guidance, spiritual insights, body-mind integration and my personal warmth 🙂

Having been a human resources manager and career advisor for a decade, I deeply understand the hopes and fears of both the hiring and the job seeking sides, and hence able to help you bridge the gap and break down the complicated transitions into simple, easy-to-follow action steps.

You already know what you want in life – and have what it takes to get it! Our journey is just about uncovering all the gems you have, removing all the dirt that is distracting your vision, and adding fuel to your tank so you can build a career and life your love faster!


Languages: English, Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese

Some of My Credentials:

  • 10 Years of Corporate Experience in Recruitment, Training and Career Advising
  • Certified Practioner of NLP Coaching (American Board of NLP) and Positive Psychology Coaching (Wholebeing Institute)
  • Certified Trainer – Colour, Image & Style Consulting  (by International Federation of Image Consultants)
  • Online Educator – Career Development Programmes taken by 6000+ students from 122 countries & Author of “First Job Bible
  • Certified Practitioner – Projective Drawing Art in Assessment –  (by Ernest Lee)
  • Holistic Healing Training: Traditional Chinese Medicine Wellness Certificate (by China Employment Training Center), Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner (by Serina Mak), Reiki Level II Practitioner (by Lisa Powers)

Is Coaching Right For You?

I only work with those obsessed with following their calling.
So if you are:

>> Ready to STOP thinking about what you’d rather be doing and START taking massive actions on making it a reality

>> Highly coachable and ready to face your fears (I’d love to be easy on you and make this work comfortable, but I’m here to move you through your blocks and be honest with you, so that you can finally get out of your own way)

>> Someone with big dreams for yourself AND this world, who is ready to take full responsibility for your life

>> Passionate about personal growth and eager in learning everything about reaching your full potentials

>> Someone who can envision yourself wildly successful because you KNOW its your purpose to succeed with your calling

Then I cordially invite you to work with me, and together, we’ll be bringing your best possible future into the reality.

Still feeling indecisive about investing in yourself?

Let’s do the math.

What are the total costs of the medical bills, counselling fees and “shopping therapy”  you are paying to relieve your work stress?

What about the sum of unrealised pay raise that you could have got at your current job but haven’t?

Imagine what else you can better spend the time you’ve wasted in this miserable job plus the time you spend on this analysis paralysis?

And the value of your Happiness, Freedom, Vitality and Being In Power of who you truly are?


With the snowball effect, the longer you hesitate in taking the leap, the heavier your opportunity costs would be.

What would it take for you to free yourself from a career rut, and become the person you always know you could be?

The external world is a reflection of our internal world;

So if you want your world (and THE world) to change, you’ll get to first do the work within.

Questions? Let’s Chat on Facebook!

The Bottom Line Is, Why Struggle Alone When You Can Seek Help And Do It 10x Faster And Easier?

P.S. If you really aren’t ready to invest in working with me 1:1 yet, here is a self-study resource you can start with.